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Compute North sold $ 5 million to the former creditor

Generate Capital bought two dates of infrastructural solutions for cloud mining Compute North. The amount of the transaction amounted to $ 5 million, writes The Block.

Cleanspark bought 3843 bitcoin major for $ 5.9 million

CleanSpark mining company purchased 3843 modern Antminer S19J Pro devices from Bitmain for $ 5.9 million "incredible price".

In the Russian Federation, they offered to allow mining of any cryptocurrencies

The new mining bill will allow the extraction of all types of cryptocurrencies in the Russian Federation.

Argo Blockchain was unable to attract £ 24 million joint -stock capital

Argo Blockchain recognized that the company’s deal to sell the company’s strategic investor for £ 24 million to replenish working capital fell out.

Core Scientific is faced with the threat of bankruptcy

Public Mining Company and Core Scientific blockchain hosting provider by the end of the year can finally exhaust reserves in the form of cash and equivalents. Such information is contained in the reports for SEC.

Compass Mining gained access to hosting in Texas for 9,000 bitcoin mainers

Supplier of equipment and services for mining Bitcoin Compass Mining signed an agreement on the placement of approximately 9,000 cryptocurrency production devices with the Aspen Creek Digital Date Center operator.

In Moldova, cryptocurrency mining was banned due to energy criticism

The Moldovan Emergency Commission introduced a number of measures to save electricity during the crisis. One of the points affects the cryptocurrency mining industry.

Report: The share of public miners in the Heshrete Bitcoin reached 25%

During the year, the share of public mining companies in the Heshrete Bitcoin increased by 295% – to 58 EH/S. In the aggregate indicator, this is 25%, follows the report by the Hashrate Index of Jaran Mellerud.

Canaan introduced a new generation of bitcoin major

The manufacturer of the CANAAN mining equipment has presented two new models of devices for the production of the first cryptocurrency Avalon Made 13.

The difficulty of Bitcoin mining set a new record

As a result of the next recalculation, the difficulty of mining of the first cryptocurrency increased by 3.44%, to the new maximum at the mark of 36.84 T.

Microbt and Heat Core launched a heat cooperation pilot from Bitcoin Mainers

The manufacturer of Microbt miners, together with Heat Core, launched in the United States a pilot project to hydrochistry of equipment for the production of bitcoin and recovery of the released heat.

Foundry announced a deflation spiral in the ASIC market market

Since the ASIC market market "stuck in a deflation spiral", There is an obvious gap between the prices that sellers offer, and the fact that customers are ready to pay. This is evidenced by Foundry’s data.

Report: Bitcoin major has stopped eliminating cryptocurrency reserves

In August and September 2022, public mining companies sold less bitcoins than mined. This happened for the first time since May, Hashrate Index experts noted.

The State Duma rejected the bill on cryptocurrency mining in the Russian Federation

The State Duma in the first reading rejected the bill on cryptocurrency mining in the Russian Federation, proposed by deputies from the New People party.

Bitcoin energy consumption over the year increased by 41%

In the third quarter of 2022, the hashrate of the network of the first cryptocurrency grew by 73% compared to the indicator a year earlier. Energy consumption increased only by 41%, follows from the report Bitcoin Mining Council (BMC).

The European Commission warned of a possible suspension of mining in the EU

The European Commission said that EU member states should prepare for the suspension of cryptocurrency mining.

Marathon will pay $ 24 million https://newsportal.com.ua/2022/10/06/opinion-we-must-abandon-market-capitalization-as-a/ to the former CEO

The Marathon Digital Holdings mining company has reached a settlement agreement with the ex-General Director Merric Okamoto regarding compensation for a limited appeal action.

Interlock interval in Bitcoin unexpectedly reached 85 minutes

The time of the bitcoin block #759 054 was 85 minutes instead of ~ 10 minutes provided for by the blockchain algorithm. It was obtained by the Luxor pool.

Nasdaq warned Digihost Bitcoin Mainer about potential delisting

The American mining company Digihost Technology received a warning from the possible exclusion from the listing from the NASDAQ exchange operator.

Stronghold will save up to $ 25 million after termination of the agreement with Northern Data

The American mining company Stronghold Digital Mining will save from $ 10 million to $ 25 million by September 2024 as a result of termination of the transaction with the Northern Data infrastructure provider. About this writes Coindesk.

Bit Digital reduced bitcoin production in September

For September, the BIT Digital mining company, which has cooked on the NASDAQ, has obtained 141.3 BTC, which is 3% less than the previous indicator. This is stated in the press release.

Binance Pool has launched a $ 500 million fund to support bitcoin mainers

Binance Pool announced the creation of a fund of $ 500 million in order to provide debt financing experiencing difficulties with Bitcoin miners.

Crusoe acquired the Great American Mining Bitcoin Mayner

The American mining company Crusoe Energy Systems bought operating assets of the Bitcoin production of Energy from the combustion of AMERICAN MINING AMERICA (GAM). The amount of the transaction is not disclosed.

Kazakhstan approved the regulation of cryptocurrencies and mining in the first reading

On October 12, the lower house of the Parliament of Kazakhstan approved in the first reading five bills regulating the issue and circulation of cryptocurrencies in the country.

Bitmain will conduct World Digital Mining Summit 2022 in Mexico

The manufacturer of Bitmain mining equipment through its Antminer brand will conduct from November 8 to 11 in the cancun the World Digital Mining Summit 2022 (WDMS Global 2022) conference.

TERAWULF Bitcoin-Mainer attracted $ 17 million to the development of infrastructure

The American mining company TERAWULF attracted $ 17 million in the form of joint -stock capital and debt financing.

Luxor launched an investment product tied to income from mining

The American mining company Luxor Technology has launched a stupid forward contract, the price of which reflects the dynamics of revenue from the production of the https://gagarin.news/news/well-known-programmers-and-scientists-have-joined-crypto-antagonists-in-the-usa/ first cryptocurrency. About this writes The Block.

The difficulty of Bitcoin mining updated the maximum

As a result of the next recalculation, the difficulty of mining of the first cryptocurrency set a new maximum at the mark of 35.61 T. The increase by 13.55% immediately became the largest since May 2021.

Argo Blockchain will attract £ 24 million to replenish working capital

The British mining company Argo Blockchain intends to attract £ 24 million through the purchase by an unnamed strategic investor of 87 million ordinary shares.

Marathon Digital increased reserves to 10 670 BTC

Marathon Digital Holdings mining company mined 616 BTC and brought the volume of reserves in cryptocurrency to 10 670 BTC.

Grayscale has created a structure for investment in bitcoin major

Grayscale Investments has launched a digital asset that has launched a product for joint investment in Bitcoin mining against cryptosim.

Core Scientific has obtained 1213 BTC for September and continued to eliminate bitcoin reservations

Public Mining Company and Core Scientific blockchain host.

In September, the income of the Bitcoin Mainers collapsed by 19%

According to the results of August, the total income of miners of the first cryptocurrency amounted to $ 551 million. The indicator decreased immediately by 19% compared to the previous month, follows from the FORKLOG report.

Hut 8 Mining reduced bitcoin production in September

In September, HUT 8 Mining got 277 BTC vs 375 BTC in August. According to the results of the month, the Canadian mining company has accumulated 8388 BTC ($ 168.5 million at the current rate).

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